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We aren’t just another Per Head service, we bring some custom features to the table to make us unique from the rest
or should we say BETTER than the rest…

Real Time Live Ticker

Real Time Live Ticker

At 24-7Bookie, your players can bet on every play with live in-game wagering. More options means more bets, action, and excitement from your players

Move Your Lines

With multiple professionals on the line, 24-7Bookie phone wagering offers the sharpest lines in the industry. We help your players – this season, every season, throughout the season.

Instant Action

24-7Bookie is one of the few per head services offering this amazing feature. With Instant Action you have the option at your fingertips to view a live ticker that shows in real time which wagers are being placed by your players.

Layoffs and Scalps

At 24-7Bookie you will have the access to Layoff’s and Scalping. This is exclusive to us, no other per head service can offer this to their clients like we can.

Messaging Center

We offer the ability for messages to be sent safely and securley over encrypted technologies to keep the Agents and Players safe.

Tout Sheets

Tout Sheets is yet another exclusive feature that we offer to our clients.
Below you will find an Tout Sheet Sample

Industry Leading Pay Per Head Service. Vast Range of Features & Security Protected.

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Industry Leading Sportsbook Software. Vast Range of Features & Security Protected.

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